Since 1940, our founding agency, Holyoke of Salem Insurance, served in our local communities. In order to fulfill requests for unique insurance on a national basis, we evolved into much more than just a standard insurance wholesaler or business insurance broker. We became Dauntless® Specialty Brokerage.

We specialize in providing world class solutions for a broad array of habitational apartments and community associations. We partner with some highly unique specialists that serve these markets with precision solutions to real world customer situations.

We offer easy access to these products and provide solutions for you when you need us. These products have built in advantages that competitors or 'generic' alternatives can't match.

Are we insurance wholesalers, wholesale insurance brokers, or business insurance brokers? We are a wholly owned subsidiary of MiddleOak and operate as a brokerage to bring quality habitational programs for commercial multi-family property to you. We do not write non standard business. 

Admitted solutions: Habitational programs for condos, habitational programs apartments, and many classes of habitational properties programs....

-- No volume requirements
-- Producer agreement is very easy to complete
-- Direct Bill on our main specialty products
-- A.M. Best A+ (Superior) financially rated carrier for our BOP products

Increase your agency's volume, profitability, and cash flow today. Email us at brokerage@middleoak.com

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